Coolcation in the Bardufoss Region

Summer vacation is often associated with tanning on sandy beaches with an umbrella cocktail in your hand. Many Norwegians dream of swimming in the Mediterranean, sweating in temperatures well above 30 degrees. But with global temperatures rising, and heat wave after heat wave hitting the earlier preferred summer destinations, the global travel trends are shifting. We therefore introduce sandy beaches without the intense sweat: coolcation in the Bardufoss Region! 


With our majestic mountains, lush green valleys and impressive coastal landscape, we are the perfect destination for a coolcation. Our summer climate is mild and moderate, with the midnight sun as the icing of the cake. You will have all day and night to explore. Fly directly into Bardufoss Airport, or choose Tromsø or Narvik as a combination. 


The peaceful and lightly populated areas make room for you. Here you will have time to discover the region on your own terms and connect with the Arctic nature in many ways. We can offer Arctic Wilderness Meditation, a truly unforgettable experience in the deep Arctic forests together with our guide. You can hike through the Land of the Bear in Øvre Dividal National Park, or you can purchase a map and discover the endless hiking routes the region offers. And if sandy beaches are your cup of tea, the wonderful Island of Senja should be on top of your list. Here you can find your own beach to enjoy an umbrella cocktail, and the only sounds you hear will be the local sea birds and the waves breaking on the shore. 


Enjoy a Coolcation in the Arctic Region of Bardufoss. We will take great care of you. 

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