Chase the northern lights at Aurora Sky Point


Location: Basecamp NORD

Duration: 3 hours

Rates: NOK 1550 per person

Suitable for: All

Come join us in our exciting hunt for the northern lights at Aurora Sky Point! It is fortunately located close to Basecamp Snowman where you’re adventure starts. You will have access to our cozy grill hut, where you can warm up by the fire before you return to the polar night. Aurora Sky Point is located 360 meters above sea level with a great view over the scenic Målselv Valley and its surrounding mountains. The location is optimal for chasing the northern lights, as the view towards the northern sky is open and the surrounding area is almost free from light pollution and there are no roads with passing cars in close proximity. Please note that the northern lights are natural phenomenas, and we can not guarantee that you will experience the northern lights. We do however guarantee a spectacular, cozy and exciting night at Aurora Sky Point!

Aurora Sky Point includes

Tour guide

Guide with great knowledge
of the northern lights

Hot drinks

We serve coffee and tea in the grill hut


Stories and information about the northern lights indoors before the adventure starts

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