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Day trips to the Bardufoss Region

Get out of the city and explore the wonderful Bardufoss Region – book a day trip from Tromsø! Between mountains and fjords, located only two hours from Tromsø city center, you will find exciting and unique activities. Perfect for a day trip to explore more. Go dogsledding, drive snowmobiles, chase the northern lights, meet the reindeer: all of your bucket-list activities! If you’re up for something more unique, you can experience our cultural activities, eat our local food and spend the day playing in the snow. We will help you find the best way to experience the Bardufoss Region! 

What's for lunch?

There are several great restaurants and cafées in the Bardufoss Region! Located close to our headquarters and tourist information is the fantastic burger restaurant of Basecamp NORD! They serve homemade gourmet burgers, from classic style to local style with reindeer meat. Vegetarian options are available! 

If you fancy a classic restaurant, Rundhaug Gjestegård will serve you classic lunch dishes in their historic venue. Their menu is heavily influenced by local food culture, and a visit to this hotel restaurant will provide a deeper insight to local history and culture.

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Accessible destination

The Bardufoss Region is located south of Tromsø, along European route 6, which makes it very easily accessible! You may book a local bus, a tour bus or – the most flexible option – rent a car! Ask us in detail about transfer or car rental before you book your activities!

Day trip by bus

Easy! Find the local ticket office at Prostneset Terminal in Tromsø city center and book your local bus to the Bardufoss Region! If you wish, we will gladly help you with transfer within the region when choosing the local bus. If you're more comfortable with a tour bus, we warmly recommend the Arctic Route.

Day trip by rental car

Easy! Find your preferred car rental company and book your preferred vehicle! Your car ride from Tromsø to the Bardufoss Region is an amazing experience in itself, along the fjords and mountains with fantastic sceneries. Spend the day in the region on your own terms, heading back whenever your're done exploring!

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