Meet the beautiful reindeer in the Bardufoss Region

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Location: Sørreisa

Duration: 2 hours

Price: From NOK 2495 per person

Suitable for: All ages

Experience an unforgettable encounter with the local Sámi people, visit their Sámi Siida and meet their beautiful reindeer. 

The Bardufoss region has an inland climate with calm and clear weather most days, which provides optimal conditions for spectacular northern lights and lots of snow. Sami siida is a small Sami camp – authentic and magical. Experience an unforgettable encounter with the local Sami people – sit by the fire in the laavo, experience Sami culture, join the reindeer herd in the fence. Here you can feed the reindeer and take pictures with the herd. Campfire coffee and snacks, as well as lunch, are served along the way.

Book at least 36 hours before arrival.


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