See the impressive geology of the Bardufoss Region


Location: Basecamp NORD

Duration: 3 hours

Rates: NOK 995 per person

Suitable for: All

Geology is exciting for everyone – of all ages! The Bardufoss Region got its characteristic landforms from the work of the Fennoscandian ice sheet which covered the region during the last glacial period. As the ice sheet withdrew, enticing mountain tops, fertile valleys and deep fjords was made perfect for settlements, but also for studying the regional geology! The geohiking starts at Basecamp Snowman in Målselv Mountain Village at 11 AM or 5 PM where our guide will take you through some basic geology. Basecamp is an excellent place to start the geological journey of knowledge, as we have a great view of the Målselv valley and the mountains of Istindan, which has a relieff of 1450 meters! The beautiful Målselva river meanders through the landscape and eventually flows into the Målselv fjord. The Målselv delta is dynamic and constantly changing. Together with our guide you will travel through the Bardufoss area to take a closer look at some of these unique and interesting locations, whilst the guide tells you stories about the geological history. You will also learn a bit about the connection between geology, flora and fauna! The tour ends back at Basecamp where we’ll sum up the day with games or a quiz! Minimum 2 participants, maximum 6 participants. 

Geo hiking includes


Guide with great knowledge of geology and local history

Hot drinks

We serve coffee and tea with a light snack

Quiz and games

Quiz and fun games when we return to Basecamp

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