Read about our great selection of beats in Målselva


One of our most attractive beats. Stretches from Rundhaug Bridge and approximately 250 meters downwards. It has varying stream and depth, and has a location of deep water. Lean-to with fire pit. 2 rods total. Night or day.


Great salmon beat in Målselva, close to Rundhaug. The beat is about 500 meters. Shallow depth with pebbles. Perfect conditions for fly and lure. 2 rods total. Night or day.


Short beat with room for two rods. The anglers have access to great facilities (see pictures). More info will come shortly. 2 rods total. 24h only.

PS. This beat is only 17 meters long, and we recommend only one rod per time slot. However, you may book one extra rod for reduced price during checkout.


Great location in upper Målselva, right below Rundhaug. Quite narrow in the lower part of the beat, where you can cast your fly across. The upper part of the beat is wider with deeper pools. Lean-to with fire pit. 2 rods total. Night or day.


Great beat in Målselva, below Rundhaug. The river takes a turn in a deep and still basin. Excellent for fly, lure and worm. This beat is especially good at higher water levels. 2 rods total. Night or day.

If you wish to book the entire beat, you will need to book all rods at checkout. See the spesific beat for total available rods. 
Please note that if someone has already booked one or more rods for the beat you have selected, a reduced number of rods will be available.

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