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Fishing licenses

Rundhaug Gjestegård disposes of great beats in the hotel zone, and the licenses can be purchased by contacting Rundhaug Gjestegård directly, or by using the public channels of inatur.no. The season opens by midnight on June 15th and ends on August 26th upstream from The Målselv Falls. 

Make your stay a complete experiece by booking your accommodation at Rundhaug Gjestegård, the historic salmon hotel on the riverbank.


About Målselva River

Salmon fishing in Målselva River is an exciting encounter! The river extends over 85 km (53 miles) through the main valley, with a total salmon fishing area of 130 km (81 miles) if you count the tributaries. The Målselva River is the largest in the Troms region, and one of Norway’s greatest salmon rivers. Ever since the settlers arrived in the Bardufoss Region in the 18th century has Målselva River been of great importance for both anglers and locals. The lower parts of Målselva River is especially known for fishing sea trout, whilst the salmon run all the way up to Dividalen. Parts of Målselva River is used for boat fishing. 

Angling in Målselva River follow the general terms and conditions for fishing equipment cf. laws and regulations. There is a special ban of using shrimps, baitfish or otter boards. You are not allowed to use gaff for landing fish in Målselva River. 

Angling in Målselva Rivers starts at midnight on June 15th. From the basin below the Målselva Falls and downstream, the angling season lasts until August 17th, whilst you may fish for sea trout until September 14th. Other anadromous fish species must be released if catched. Upstream from the Målselva Falls the angling season lasts until August 26th. You may fish for freshwater fish upstream from the falls from June 1st, however, all anadromous fish species must be returned in the period June 1st to 15th.

See the detailed regulations for angling in Målselva River here.


The salmon hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård

Rundhaug Gjestegård is a historic salmon hotel, located on the banks of the impressive Målselva River. Ever since its beginning the hotel has been a cherished destination for anglers all around the world. The hotel has its own salmon beats, where the closest available beat is just outside its doors. Rundhaug Gjestegård has 22 unique rooms with room for 42 guests, a restaurant with a large dining hall, café and pub. 

The summer season at Rundhaug Gjestegård is strongly characterized by salmon tourism, and the hotel has its own lounge area dedicated to anglers! The hotel has been mentioned in several international magazines, and the famous hotelier and fly fishing enthusiast Charles Ritz wrote about his excitement for Rundhaug Hotell in his famous salmon book. 

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