Meet the mighty king of the forest


Location: Basecamp NORD

Duration: 3 hours

Rates: NOK 1550 per person

Suitable for: All

Join us on an exciting adventure into the deep arctic forests on a quest to observe the king of the forest: The Mighty Moose! The Bardufoss Region is fortunate to have a large population of this magnificent mammal. In winter, the moose is drawn down into the wide valleys to feed and avoid the deep snow on higher elevations. This makes a unique opportunity for you to observe it! We will, by all means, stay on a safe and respectful distance in a car or bus, to avoid startling these sensitive animals. Your Wild Moose Safari starts at Basecamp NORD with an exciting lecture about the moose and the role this animal has in our culture, followed by a wild moose safari!

The wild moose safari includes

Tour guide

Guide with great knowledge
of the moose and its habitat

Hot drinks

We serve coffee and tea before we head out

Safari transfer

The participants will be transfered
from Basecamp and back

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