Meet the mighty king of the forest

Join us on an exciting adventure looking for the king of the Arctic forests: the mighty moose. Every season is unique but common for them all is the strong presence of the moose. Choose a full day adventure packed with experiences or a shorter safari which can easily be combined with other activities.

Ph Steve Karlsen (2)

Location: Målselv

Duration: From 3 hours

Rates: From NOK 2255 per person

Suitable for: All

The Bardufoss region has a great population of the largest land animal in Europe. The inland climate provides still and clear weather most days, perfect conditions for Wild Moose Safari. The moose population is especially large in the winter and they often move throughout the deep spruce forests in smaller herds. We drive out on a safari to observe the moose in it’s natural habitat, without disturbing them.

Book Wild Moose Safari from NOK 2255 per person. Duration from 3 hours. See detailed information about our products below.


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