Experience the Bardufoss Region

By visiting the Bardufoss Region you will find yourself surrounded with spectacular nature and unique culture, ready to be explored. The welcoming people of the Bardufoss Region will invite you in to their community, show you their homes, and guide you through the local activities and experiences. We will show you our favorite parts of the Bardufoss Region, where to eat delicious local food and where to sleep best. We will help you to make the most out of your visit, to have fun and to disconnect from the dutyful daily life. 

Welcome to the Bardufoss Region! 

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The daily life of the Bardufoss Region is filled with contrasts! The somber polar nights of the winter months are filled with warmth, fun and hygge. And the bright and vivid summer nights fills the people with passion and fortitude. In the high north the winter may be long and protraced, which has compelled the inhabitants to fill the bracing winter climate with fun and warming liveliness! 

A large part of the culture of the Arctic Norway is strongly formed by the Sámi people. The region is an important domain for the reindeer herds, both in winter and summertime. The sámis will hartily invite you into their community to tell you about their daily life. 


Nature and wildlife

The Bardufoss Region stretches from the towering mountains inlands to the spectacular coastal landscapes, with meandring rivers, waterfalls and extensive valleys. Widespread pine forests fill the valley floors, which create sceneries quite uniqe for this region. The bare mountain tops stand in great contrast to the rich flora of the valleys, and the green valley sides adjacent to the deep and dark fjords frames the incredible nature of the region. 

It is deeply rooted in the norwegian culture to preserve and protect our essential nature and wildlife, and the Bardufoss Region is lucky to embrace two ample national parks, the Øvre Dividal National Park and the Rohkunborri National Park. The two national parks contains a great wildlife worth protecting, and these areas are one of the few where you can observe the four large predators of norwegian nature. 

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